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Do more with detailed, actionable insights.

Monitor team progress and performance indicators with automated reports at your fingertips, so whatever the question, you’ll have the answer. Create custom reports from hundreds of unique data points, or get at-a-glance insights from our Analytics Explorer dashboard.

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Better understand your speed or repair.

Gauge how quickly work orders are being resolved, a key metric for maintenance teams. The Ticket Pipeline gives a holistic view of what’s happening with your work orders and provides details into each stage and status. With this, you can identify bottlenecks and spot opportunities for efficiencies.

It’s easy for us to look at the dashboard, see what’s happening, and make sure that things are getting accomplished quickly.


Senior Technology Officer
Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD, Texas


Justify department needs and show the scope of your work with reports.

Data is the best way to advocate for your department and make informed decisions. iiQ Facilities lets you quickly build reports using a wide range of pivot points so you can enlighten decision makers about how hard your team works.

iiQ Facilities reporting helps:

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Easily produce documentation for audits

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Spot recurring problems

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Track labor, parts, and costs

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Analyze trends

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Highlight successes

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Identify areas for improvement

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