Pricing Basics

Incident IQ is for every school district.

Incident IQ is priced based on a district’s student enrollment. Our annual subscription license model gives smaller districts accessibility to Incident IQ’s powerful service management platform, while allowing larger districts the benefits of economies of scale.

We don’t price based on number of agent seats.

Districts can provide access to as many technicians, support agents, or administrators as needed — at no additional cost. Often there are staff members who could benefit from having visibility over specific help tickets and assets, but might have an indirect role in managing these responsibilities. By avoiding per-seat pricing, Incident IQ gives you the ability to tailor your technology support to fit your district’s unique structure.

Unlimited technician seats

Granular permissions & custom roles

Log in with your district’s single sign-on credentials

We don’t price based on number of assets.

Asset-based pricing models encourage underreporting of the number of assets in a district. Districts often sacrifice data fidelity in order to reduce the number of assets they’re paying to manage. By eliminating arbitrary asset limits, districts can provide more robust technology support for teachers, students, and staff alike.

Track unlimited assets

Integrate with leading MDM platforms

Automatically record detailed asset history

Incident IQ is modular — pay for what you need.

The Incident IQ platform offers a number of products and tools to expand your district’s technology support capabilities. Not all districts are alike, so we tailor our product offering to suit individual district needs.

Select the components of the Incident IQ platform that fit your support strategy

Save money by purchasing only what your district needs

Grow your support platform with your district

Contact us for your tailored quote.

Incident IQ subscriptions are based on a school district’s student enrollment, as well as its product needs. Because our enterprise-class platform is built for K-12 we’ve gotten rid of the ‘per agent’ and ‘per asset’ pricing negatives. We’ve strived to make it configurable, scalable and affordable for districts of all sizes.

Finally, Incident IQ delivers amazing return-on-investment (ROI) that directly benefits students, teachers and the instructional mission. We’d like to show you how it works and discuss how you can deploy it to support your technology, asset, and workflow management requirements.

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