Incident IQ

Fee Tracker


Fee Tracker allows school-related fees to be attached to users, assets, and tickets. Generate fines, record payments and generate invoices, all through Incident IQ.

  • Quickly attach fees to tickets, assets, and users: The Fee Tracker widget is visible when working a ticket, viewing an asset details page, or from a user profile. Create custom fee types and apply them in seconds.
  • One-click PDF invoice generation: Quickly generate and print receipts and invoices to provide parents with necessary paperwork, without the hassle.
  • Attach fees to multiple tickets: Agents can use Batch Actions to easily apply school-related fees and payments in bulk.
  • Create useful automations with Rules Engine: Build time-saving fee management automations, like sending email alerts when a balance exceeds a certain amount.
Yellow background with screenshot of Incident IQ's fee tracker feature
Screenshot of Incident IQ's fee tracker with pop out screen of options to edit and adjust fees