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K-12 hardware, software and systems support

School districts that rely on these tools depend on Incident IQ.

Meet Incident IQ

Built from the ground up for today’s K-12

Incident IQ is a cloud-based technology support platform that allows school districts to effectively support all the hardware, software and systems that teaching and learning depends on.

Support Everything

Incident IQ helps you support everything teaching and learning depends on.


Student and teacher laptops, projectors, document cameras and more — empower technicians with efficiency tools, asset data on demand, and a dynamic knowledge base.

Student Information Systems

Accelerate time to resolution for SIS issues with powerful integrations that ensure accurate issue reporting so specialists can start working the problem immediately.


Network tech is the backbone of a school’s communications. Tailored workflows for mission-critical network issues ensure superior support for this foundational element.


Deliver training and support more efficiently with tools designed specifically for the most-popular content, assessment and communication products.

Learning Management Systems

The critical hub that teachers and students rely on to communicate, complete assessments, and record progress. Our LMS integrations empower superior support.


From facilities support requests to preventative maintenance, efficient communication with facilities staff is crucial to keep schools running.

Support Everyone

Incident IQ supports teachers & students.

  • Simple, intuitive ticket submission allows teachers and students to submit help tickets in just a few clicks.
  • Hardware, software, systems and facilities requests are all submitted and managed in one place.
  • Assets automatically tied to user accounts means there’s no searching for serial numbers or asset tags.
  • Incident IQ Mobile allows teachers and students to submit help tickets from any iOS or Android device.

Intuitive ticket submission

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Incident IQ supports IT support staff.

  • Tickets are automatically submitted with robust information, allowing for quicker resolution.
  • Track time and resolution actions, logging every step of your work.
  • Automatically generated work packages bundle similar tickets, helping you work smarter, not harder.
  • Tickets are automatically routed to the correct support team members.
  • Hardware, software, systems and facilities requests are all managed and worked from a single place.
  • Incident IQ Mobile allows IT support teams to work and resolve tickets on the go.
Discover how Incident IQ empowered Henry County Schools.
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Incident IQ supports SIS specialists.

  • Integrates with leading SIS platforms, such as Infinite Campus and PowerSchool.
  • Easily manage schedule, course and grading requests from teachers with Incident IQ. Dynamic custom fields ensure teachers accurately submit all information necessary to resolve an issue.
  • Sync data directly from your school’s SIS via OneRoster directly into Incident IQ — allowing for custom workflows and accurate information between systems.

Featured Integrations


Incident IQ supports LMS specialists.

  • Sync data directly from your school’s LMS via OneRoster with Incident IQ — allowing for custom workflow creation and information sharing between systems for fast issue resolution.
  • Integrates with leading LMS platforms, such as Blackboard, itsLearning and many more.
'I closed over 1,000 tickets in just two weeks using Incident IQ — it would’ve taken me a month to do half of that volume before, using our old system.' — Peggy Dillie, Fayette County Schools’ Blackboard LMS specialist

Featured Integrations

Blackboard LMS

Incident IQ supports district leaders.

  • Simple help ticket submission empowers teachers and students. Educators spend less time requesting support, and more time on instruction.
  • Provide IT staff with the tools they need to manage multiple locations and support all key technology systems and assets across an entire school district.
  • Rich analytics provide detailed, customizable reports into the performance of critical technology and staff.
  • Ticket pipeline analytics illustrate each step of ticket resolution — identifying any bottlenecks or inefficiencies hindering problem-solving.
  • Easily export analytics data for sharing with colleagues and stakeholders.
Incident IQ Analytics Explorer

Analytics for leaders

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Support Everywhere

Incident IQ's native iOS and Android apps make submitting and working tickets on the go fast and easy.

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Tech support isn't optional — it's essential.

Schools have a wealth of technological tools to assist with teaching and learning, but without proper technical support — they’re all a waste of time. That’s why ISTE lists Technical Support as one of the 14 critical elements necessary to leverage technology for learning.

Get going quickly!

Incident IQ's modern architecture makes it easy to get going fast.

Easy Integration

OneRoster integration allows schools to synchronize Incident IQ with existing systems in minutes.

Single sign-on

Incident IQ uses a district’s existing single sign-on architecture — including Google SSO and Microsoft Active Directory and ADFS — no extra logins required.

Always on

Our secure and robust, cloud-based architecture gives school personnel round-the-clock access to their technology support platform, from any device.

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