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The Incident IQ platform powers support for millions of teachers and students across 49 states. Hear from districts that have transformed their support with Incident IQ.

Incident IQ is at the ‘I wouldn’t want to do my job without it.’ level for me.


Information Technology Specialist
Springfield Local Schools


Rankin County School District brings their support operations to a unified platform.

When Rankin County School District moved to full 1:1 instruction during the pandemic, their IT team recognized the need for more comprehensive support tools. Hear from the staff at Rankin about their decision to move to Incident IQ.


Coweta’s frictionless onboarding with Incident IQ.

When Michael Carter joined Coweta Public Schools as their new Director of Information Technology, he knew he needed to take their asset management and help ticketing to a new level. Read about Coweta’s move to Incident IQ, and the support their district received when onboarding to a new platform.



Henry County Schools streamline their device deployments.

With Incident IQ, Henry County Schools completed their largest device roll-out ever. Not only did they complete the deployment in record time, but they set themselves up for continued success by establishing a system to actively manage devices year-over-year.

The fact that Incident IQ was designed for schools shows through and through. It’s intuitive, and users are able to navigate the system on their own with very little training.


Director of Instructional Technology
Niles Township High School District, Illinois


Unifying Support for UMÓⁿHOⁿ Nation IT and Facility Teams 

Outgrowing siloed asset management and help ticketing Located in Macy, Nebraska, UMÓⁿHOⁿ Nation Public Schools serves approximately 617 students from pre-K to 12th grade. As technology became more popular for teaching and learning, UMÓⁿHOⁿ Nation’s support teams felt their help ticketing …

New Hanover County Schools Overhauls Technology and Facilities Support with a Unified Platform

Background New Hanover County Schools is a North Carolina school district encompassing 43 schools and almost 25,000 students. When their IT and facility support needs outweighed their current tech stack, they worked with Incident IQ to get their support teams on one unified platform.  Incident …

Overcoming the Obstacles of K-12 IT Support with Calcasieu Parish

Background Calcasieu Parish is a preK-12 school district that teaches over 30,000 students in Southwest Louisiana. Although the district is back on its feet, Calcasieu Parish faced incredibly difficult circumstances in 2020, both from the COVID-19 pandemic and two devastating hurricanes. These chall …

Establishing a “Game-Changing” Asset Management and Help Ticketing Solution for Democracy Prep Public Schools

Background Democracy Prep Public Schools is not your average public school district. Since being established in 2005, Democracy Prep has grown to 24 public charter schools across 5 states. Jonathan Salcedo, Director of Network Technology, knew that Democracy Prep’s unique situation demanded a bett …

Coweta’s Frictionless Onboarding with Incident IQ

Background Coweta Public School teaches over 3,500 students in northeast Oklahoma. When Michael Carter joined the K-12 district as their new Director of Information Technology, he knew he needed to take Coweta’s asset management and help ticketing to a new level. At the time, Coweta’s IT workflo …

The “Night and Day” Transformation of Nampa School District’s Help Ticketing and Asset Management

Background Nampa School District spans over 24 locations around Nampa, Idaho, and teaches over 14,000 students from kindergarten to twelfth grade. This northwestern district was at the forefront of one-to-one device initiatives—this school year marks their fourth year with their student device pro …


Ease of use and
data-rich reporting transform Nampa’s support operations.

Nampa School District needed K-12 support tools that were easy for staff to use, and allowed their team better visibility over devices and team performance. Hear why they chose Incident IQ to unify help ticketing and asset management in their schools.

Incident IQ is the best product I’ve seen in my 37 years of working with technology in education.


Technology Specialist
Gilmer County School System


Connecting IT and maintenance support.

The IT team at Eagle Mountain-Saginaw was looking for a new help ticketing platform. The maintenance department reached out to see if they could find a solution that would work for both teams. Read how this K-12 district brought IT and Facilities teams to a unified support platform.



Moore Public Schools transform their support strategies.

Moore Public Schools uses Incident IQ to coordinate and plan support across 36 instructional sites. Jun Kim, Director of Technology at Moore Public Schools, uses Incident IQ Mobile to enter and route support requests while conducting site visits.

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