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What’s New in Incident IQ: Summer Platform Enhancements

Summer Platform Enhancements: UI updates, new login experience, and more.

Summer has arrived, and here at Incident IQ we’re working to get our platform tuned up for the next school year. Read on to learn more about the enhancements coming this summer, and to register for our next webinar.

UI updates bring a standardized Incident IQ experience for everyone.

On the requestor side of Incident IQ, we’re turning the top navigation bar into a left navigation bar, unifying the navigation experience for all users. This change shouldn’t be majorly disruptive to teachers and staff—all the same options are present, just on the left instead of the top.

We’ll follow up with a downloadable one-sheeter illustrating the before and after of the requestor experience closer to the release.

New login screen provides a cleaner login experience.

We’ve cleaned up the login experience for users, decluttering the splash page and making the login screen a little easier on the eyes.

User session timeout keeps Incident IQ secure.

In an effort to make the Incident IQ platform more secure for users and administrators, a new session timeout setting is being added that will require users to log in at least once every 12 hours by default. Admins can adjust this setting up to 24 hours, or down to just 1 hour. By default, there will also be a 30 min inactivity check to ensure any user actively working in the platform won’t be disrupted.

This setting is intended to require a user authentication at least once daily while avoiding disrupting users or admins actively working throughout the day.

New email notifications arrive for all iiQ districts.

Our new email notifications are nearly out of beta, and are going live for all iiQ districts this summer. Users will enjoy streamlined, easy-to-read updates containing everything you need to know, front and center.

Here is a quick video showing off the before and after of our new email notification redesign. We’ll follow up with a release timeline once we get closer to the go-live date.

When do these updates go live?

The majority of these updates will arrive in the month of July and early August. We’ll be following up in a couple of weeks with a more detailed release timeline.

See what’s new during our next webinar on Tuesday, July 19.

In our next webinar, we’ll discuss some tips and tricks to tackle during summer, as well as reviewing the latest enhancements to the Incident IQ platform.

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