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What’s New in Incident IQ: Summer Enhancements Release Timeline

Incident IQ logo, Summer Platform Enhancements, UI Updates, new login experience, and more.

Our latest update is right around the corner. Read on to learn more about our release timeline for upcoming enhancements.

Coming July 20: Requestor enhancements and platform update

New requestor UI makes it easier to navigate Incident IQ.

On the requestor side of Incident IQ, we’re turning the top navigation bar into a left navigation bar, unifying the navigation experience for all users. This change shouldn’t be majorly disruptive to teachers and staff—all the same options are present, just on the left instead of the top.

Here’s a shareable graphic that shows what the requestor experience looks like before and after the enhancement.

Streamline device deployment with Rollout Scout for requestors.

Ahead of the upcoming school year, we’ve made it simpler for districts using Rollout Scout to allow teachers and other staff to assist with device assignment by unlocking Rollout Scout for requestors.

To turn on Rollout Scout functionality for a requestor account, navigate to Administration > Permissions > App Specific > rolloutScout: Update Assets and owners and check the box to allow a requestor to check assets in or out.

New login screen provides a cleaner login experience.

Our new login experience goes live next Wednesday, decluttering the splash page and making the login screen a little easier on the eyes.

User session timeout keeps Incident IQ secure.

In an effort to make the Incident IQ platform more secure for users and administrators, a new session timeout setting is being added that will require users to log in at least once every 12 hours by default.

Admins can adjust this setting up to 24 hours, or down to just 1 hour. By default, there will also be a 30 minute inactivity check to ensure any user actively working in the platform won’t be disrupted.

 Coming later this summer:

New email notifications arrive for all Incident IQ districts.

New email notifications are nearly out of beta, and are still on track to arrive later this summer. Users will enjoy streamlined, easy-to-read updates containing everything you need to know, front and center.

Here is a quick video showing off the before and after of our new email notification redesign.

New custom field sort order makes it easier to arrange the appearance of custom fields, platform-wide.

When setting up custom fields in the past, it was mostly a one-size fits all situation. Now we’ve added the ability to arrange groups of custom fields based on condition. For example, if a district wants a custom field to appear first in a certain workflow and third in another workflow, admins can now drag and drop custom fields to determine individual sort order.

These new sort order options will be available for custom fields that apply to ticket workflows, asset, user, and parts profiles.

New Google Devices integration enhancements improve OU writeback mappings.

The Google Devices integration will support organizational unit (OU) write-back settings that are supportive of multi-conditional mappings per OU path. Previously, districts were limited to mapping OUs by a single condition: Device Location.

This functionality is being enhanced to support districts that need to move Chrome devices to organizational units in Google Admin Console based on any criteria supported via iiQ Assets filtering conditions: conditions like Role, Grade, Location, Model, etc.

Easily assign tickets by multiple locations with new Rules Engine enhancements.

Combine multiple rules and streamline automation with new “assign by location” rule actions. Assign tickets to agents or teams by issue type or other attributes, combine multiple assignments in a single rule, and add a fallback assignment if a ticket is not attached to a specified location.

This feature will greatly reduce the number of place-based rules that need to be created to manage ticket assignment based on location.

See what’s new during our next webinar on Tuesday, July 19.

In our next webinar, we’ll discuss some tips and tricks to tackle during summer, as well as reviewing the latest enhancements to the Incident IQ platform.

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