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What’s new in Incident IQ: Idea Exchange enhancements

You asked, we answered. Enhancements from the Incident IQ Idea Exchange.

Welcome to the latest release of Incident IQ — available now. This update contains enhancements suggested by you, the Incident IQ community. It wouldn’t be possible for us to build our K-12 support platform without the feedback of our district users —  thank you for your feedback and suggestions.

“Could you make it easier to view assigned ticket counts by agent and by team?”

We added new dashboard widgets to make it simple to view how many open tickets are assigned to individual agents and to teams.

Click on Options under the Account Settings drop-down in the upper-right corner of Incident IQ to add these new widgets to your dashboard.

“Could email-to-ticket creation be improved with automatic issue assignment for incoming tickets?”

With new Rules Engine actions, incoming tickets created from emails can automatically have issues assigned to them.

No more opaque Issue Not Listed tickets landing in your inbox — use these new actions to instantly assign issues to tickets that originated from email.

“Can you make it easier to select unassigned devices?”

When applying filters or creating a custom view, it used to be a bit tricky to select unassigned devices. Now we’ve added a Select ‘Unassigned’ button for filters and view creation, making it simple to select only assets that do not have owners.

“Can Rules Engine be improved to allow rules to react and fire off of previously-fired rules?”

We added cascading logic to Rules Engine, allowing rules in a sequence to check previously fired rules to determine whether they’ll fire or not. Additional rules can now fire based on the changes made by preceding rules in a Rules Engine sequence.

Coming Soon

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