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What’s New in Incident IQ: August Enhancements

Incident IQ logo, August Enhancements, New Rules Engine automations, Google Devices integration enhancements, and more.

Our latest update is here. Read on to learn more about our release timeline for new and upcoming enhancements.

Now Available

Enhanced Rules Engine actions make it easier to
route tickets by location.

The new Rules Engine action — Assign to agent (by location) — makes it much easier to create comprehensive location-based routing rules. Administrators can now create a single rule that contains routing actions for multiple locations, rather than having to create a unique rule for each individual location.

Administrators can use this new Rules Engine action by selecting the Assign to agent (by location) action then mapping agents to locations. If you’d like to assign tickets to teams by location rather than individual agents, use the Assign to team (by location) action instead.

Forms Manager updates make it easy for users to
attach files and select dates.

New Forms Manager enhancements enable administrators to add a file attachment field directly to created forms. Previously, file attachments would be added as comments in a ticket workflow, but now files will now be directly attached to the form submission.

Additionally, we’ve made date selection easier. Previously, dates in forms would have to be entered manually. The new Date field type provides users with a calendar to select a date from. Now users can select a date from a calendar with a click.

Forms Manager is a premium app, available for iiQ Ticketing, iiQ Assets, and iiQ Facilities products. Check out this quick video to learn how Forms Manager can streamline document distribution in your district.

Manage ticket sort order in the HR Service Delivery new hire portal.

New enhancements for HR Service Delivery make it simpler to set up the new hire portal for employee onboarding. Previously, tickets were automatically sorted alphabetically — now agents can manually customize ticket sort order, making it easier to tailor the onboarding experience for new employees.

HR Service Delivery is a product on the Incident IQ platform that helps HR teams manage hiring and other personnel workflows. Check out our HR Service Delivery webinar to learn more.

Coming September 1

Google Devices: New multi-conditional Org Unit writeback capabilities streamline organization.

Our Google Devices integration gets a major enhancement this month.

Multi-conditional filters can now be applied to Google devices in Incident IQ, allowing administrators to filter devices by Model, Location, Grade, Role and map those OU paths back to the Google Admin Console.

This is great for districts with disorganized OU paths — this new enhancement makes it simple to apply filters and translate OU paths to
Google Admin Console.

New custom field sort order makes it easier to arrange the appearance of custom fields, platform-wide.

When setting up custom fields in the past, it was mostly a one-size fits all situation. Now we’ve added the ability to arrange groups of custom fields based on condition. For example, if a district wants a custom field to appear first in a certain workflow and third in another workflow, admins can now drag and drop custom fields to determine individual sort order.

These new sort order options will be available for custom fields that apply to ticket workflows, asset, user, and parts profiles.

Parts inventory gets an enhancement.

With this latest enhancement, users with the correct permissions now have the ability to delete parts that have current inventory or inventory history.

Ticket histories will still display deleted parts that were used — allowing districts to keep a clean inventory list and a detailed parts usage history.

Looking for assistance? Check out our new
help widget.

We now have a new widget linked to the Incident IQ Community and Knowledge Base, with articles directly related to the page you are viewing.

From questions other members have asked to specific configuration articles, the widget will be fully customized to the page you are viewing, allowing for relevant, contextual help content at your fingertips.