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Resolve issues before they have the chance to happen.

The best way to solve a problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place. With preventative maintenance functions in iiQ Facilities, your teams can make sure to stay ahead of foreseeable maintenance.


Plan and schedule recurring tasks.

Save time on common work orders by using ticket templates. Generate pre-populated tickets with a single click or automatically from a Rules Engine automation. Never forget to swap out filters on an HVAC unit by creating automations to generate those specific work orders every few months.

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Minimize maintenance costs by maximizing operational efficiency.

Powerful analytics tools like the ticket pipeline visualize how long each work order step is taking. Take those insights to identify bottlenecks and improve your team efficiency.

Illustration of analytic charts and graphs

I hear nothing but positives coming from our maintenance and operations department, because it has streamlined their processes. The workflow and the end-user ease is phenomenal.


Assistant Director of Buildings and Grounds
Downers Grade School District 58

Mobile phone with screenshot of Incident IQ's Analytics Explorer Dashboard


Get more work done out in the field.

Log progress on preventative maintenance projects while you’re on the go. Submit, manage, and resolve issues on the move and stay one step ahead with Incident IQ Mobile, available for iOS and Android devices

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