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What’s New in Incident IQ – June 8

June 8 Release||||

This update brings the release of Remote Support Ticketing — a new support channel that we think will be incredibly valuable in expanding access to technology support requests for non-Incident IQ users in your district community. Additionally, we’ve enhanced our Email-to-Ticket functionality, allowing emails received from non-recognized email addresses to create tickets within Incident IQ. Read on to discover what’s contained in our June 8th release.

Featured Enhancements

Remote Support Ticketing

Districts can use Remote Support Ticketing to create customized, public-facing support workflows to allow non-Incident IQ users to submit help requests. Remote Support Ticketing is a free app, available for install in the Incident IQ Apps & Integrations catalog.

Remote Support

Enhanced email-to-ticketing

In addition to our Remote Support Ticketing app, the email-to-ticket workflow has been enhanced. Guest tickets can now be created from any email address, rather than solely from addresses associated with existing Incident IQ users.

Administrators can activate this enhancement by navigating to Administration > Site Options > Allow Guest Tickets via Email.


Bulk Actions Enhancements

Remove an SLA from multiple tickets or delete a group of tickets all at once with new bulk action enhancements. These bulk actions are available to all agents and administrators, depending on role-based permissions in your district.

Bulk Actions