Go further with data-driven insights.

iiQ Ticketing provides unrivaled detail into the performance of K-12 technology and support teams.

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Track every step of ticket resolution.

The Ticket Pipeline displays the average time tickets spend in each stage of resolution. Identify bottlenecks and see precisely where support workflows can be refined.

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Stay on top of team performance.

Make sure your team is meeting service requirements. SLA reports in iiQ Ticketing provide at-a-glance confirmation that IT teams are meeting service level agreements.

Screenshot of Incident IQ's Analytics Explorer dashboard

I use Incident IQ Mobile as a Tech Director when I’m visiting schools. When I’m making my rounds, seeing how classrooms are using technology, I’ve found the ability to put tickets in for my teachers has been phenomenal.


Director of Technology
Moore Public Schools


Craft custom reports.

Generate custom analytic reports using a variety of filters and data points. Create reports based on location, model type, issue type, and more.

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Share insights with ease. Export analytic data to a spreadsheet, presentation or image with a single click.

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How our District Improved Decision-Making Efficiency with Enhanced Approval Workflows

Since implementing Incident IQ’s Enhanced Approval Workflows (EAW), Kirkwood School District found unique ways to streamline the intake process for a wide variety of tasks. This has resulted in significant time savings for multiple functional teams.

8-Step Project Plan for Rolling Out a Help Desk Ticketing System

The success of your K-12 IT support team often comes down to how well students and faculty make use of your help desk. You might launch your help desk at the start of the year and assume that all your support requests will be managed effortlessly. Unfortunately, without a proper project plan, your n …

Ticket Triage: 6 Tips to Build a Seamless Support Workflow

Two tickets arrive at your help desk at exactly the same moment, both claiming to be urgent. How do you decide which ticket to address first? If you’re doing it yourself, you’d dig into the details of each ticket. Who’s requesting, what the issue is, who is being directly affected in the momen …

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