Incident IQ


Wednesday, April 17, 2024

2:00PM - 2:45PM

iiQ Game Changers Series

Check-In Champions: Mastering Device Tracking and Fee Collection

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Product Spotlight: Enhanced Approval Workflows

We'll dive into Enhanced Approval Workflows, a premium tool designed to help K-12 districts manage approval processes with ease and efficiency. Eric Zigler, Project Coordinator from Kirkwood School District will share real world examples of how his school district uses EAW every day.

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Cherry Creek School District’s Journey to Better Maintenance Operations

Discover how Cherry Creek School District transformed its facilities management operations with Incident IQ.

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End of School Year Strategies for IT Leaders

Watch Edwin Walker and Emily Stapf, former K-12 IT leaders and current Customer Success Managers at Incident IQ, discuss the ins and outs of preparing for year-end and summer work in K-12 IT.

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Increasing the Lifespan of K-12 Chromebooks

Learn how K-12 districts are minimizing Chromebook churn and reducing the cost of replenishing devices.

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