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See how Incident IQ beats the competition.

Incident IQ isn’t just a tech tool. It’s a unified platform that’s meticulously designed with K-12 in mind to handle your district’s support needs.

Incident IQ is known for providing the best K-12 support solutions.

Our intuitive platform, rich integration capabilities, and comprehensive products meet all of your school district’s needs. That’s why some of the largest school districts around the country have chosen Incident IQ.

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Built specifically to handle all K-12 needs.

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Trusted by the USA’s largest school districts across 49 states.

Integrates easily with SIS, SSO, and other
K-12 softwares.


Connect teams and streamline processes.

While many platforms tout a holistic approach, Incident IQ stands out with integrated modules for Assets, Facilities, Event Management, and HR. This ensures unified school district operations without data silos. Other solutions often fall short, leading to fragmented systems and data.


Unparalleled support from K-12 veterans.

Incident IQ excels in providing dedicated support, boasting team members with significant K-12 experience of their own. They know your struggles and can tailor the iiQ platform to create solutions specific to your district’s needs. Competitors can’t match our specialized focus, leaving districts without the nuanced support they deserve.

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Safeguard data with unrivaled dedication.

Nothing is more important than protecting student, staff, and school data. The Incident IQ platform employs multiple redundant measures to ensure the utmost security of your educational data. While some competitors meet basic requirements, none match Incident IQ’s exhaustive protection standards.


Seamless integration with your existing tools.

Incident IQ offers pre-built integrations for all of the essential K-12 platforms your school runs on. From SIS and SSO to asset warranty & repair partners and more, iiQ directly connects with the tools you’re already using. In contrast, many competitors struggle to provide such cohesive integration, leaving users with fragmented solutions.


What does Incident IQ do?

Incident IQ offers several products that are tailored for K-12 educational institutions:

iiQ Assets – Providing asset management solutions to manage inventory, auditing,asset health, and more.
iiQ Ticketing – Helping IT departments manage, monitor, and address technology-related incidents in schools.
iiQ Facilities – Easily manage recurring maintenance work, stay on top of support trends, and keep tabs on parts inventory and labor costs.
iiQ Events – Track event requests, room bookings, audio/video equipment check ins/outs, and even provide event prep workflows.
HR Service Delivery – Enable self-service HR help requests, automate onboarding processes, and create and manage HR forms.

Incident IQ is designed to streamline K-12 support processes across the board and provide insights into the performance of technology resources within a school or district.

Is Incident IQ worth the cost?

This question is relative to each user and district based on their needs and budget. However, it’s worth noting that Incident IQ delivers exceptional value for K-12 settings, and provides an entire suite of services that your school district will use and benefit from. ROI becomes evident through streamlined processes, faster ticket resolutions, and fewer lost or irreparable assets–saving your school district hundreds of thousands of dollars in facility repair work and human resources costs.

How long does it take to implement Incident IQ?

Getting Incident IQ up and running can be surprisingly swift. With a dedicated onboarding process and support, schools can have the platform fully operational in as early as 6 weeks. Such a short implementation timeline allows educational institutions to quickly benefit from its features and start optimizing their IT support processes without lengthy downtimes.

Does Incident IQ have a knowledge base?

Yes! Incident IQ boasts a robust support community and an attentive support team ready to assist users. Additionally, one of the standout features is its ability to allow institutions to build their own knowledge bases tailored to their IT support or help desk needs. This ensures that IT teams have access to both internally curated content and external expertise to address and resolve issues efficiently.