Work smarter,
not harder.

Get help tickets closed quicker than ever before. iiQ Ticketing contains a suite of management tools designed to help K-12 IT teams handle support requests across an entire district.

Help Ticketing screen on laptop

Powerful tools for prioritization.

Features that make it simple to organize your team’s workload.


Stay on top of critical tickets.

Tickets can be automatically escalated, the longer they remain open. Set priority levels for different ticket types, ensuring urgent requests always land at the top of your team’s inbox.

Screenshot of Incident IQ's ticket prioritization feature


Find exactly what you’re looking for.

iiQ Ticketing has powerful filtering capabilities that allow users to sort tickets by issue type, location, priority, hardware model, and more.

Screenshot of Incident IQ's filter engine


Focus your view.

Save user-defined filters as custom views. Custom views are live-updating and can be shared with stakeholders, keeping everyone on the same page.

Screenshot of Incident IQ's View Designer feature that allows to filter by ticket status and location


Jump into a ticket without losing your place.

The Ticket Flyout allows users to quickly view ticket details, without leaving their current view.

Incident IQ's asset ticket workflow reporting screen

Work tickets with ease.

With iiQ Ticketing, help requests are structured so that agents have all the information they need to begin working a ticket immediately.

Help desk ticket management screen image
Eye icon

Details at a glance

Issue type, location, model, and ticket priority are displayed at the top of each ticket.

Check mark icon

Record resolution actions

Document the steps that are taken to close a ticket. Quickly record the actions and efforts taken in a few keystrokes.

right arrow icon

Track ticket progress

Track every change made to a ticket. User actions, comments, automated operations, and outgoing ticket-related emails are recorded in the ticket timeline.

Profile icon

Keep everyone in the loop

With ticket followers, easily add other agents or managers as followers to keep them notified of progress made on a ticket.

List icon

Reference important data

Custom fields capture data during submission and are easily visible, ensuring that agents have the necessary information to work a ticket.

Dot chart icon

Measure performance

Assign Service Level Agreements to tickets based on model or issue type. Track team performance to ensure timely resolution.

Thumbs up icon

Share winning solutions

Knowledge Base articles are recommended based on issue type — automatically directing team members or requestors to appropriate help resources.

mobile phone icon

Work tickets on the go

Don’t sacrifice performance in the field. Native iOS and Android apps provide team members the power of iiQ Ticketing at their fingertips.

Graduation Cap icon

Protect student data

iiQ Ticketing is FERPA-compliant. Automatically flag and suppress sensitive data from outgoing communications.

Amplify your team’s efforts with automations.

iiQ Ticketing contains a suite of productivity enhancements that ensure your teams are working efficiently.


Create templates for common requests.

Generate pre-populated tickets with a single click. Create ticket templates for commonly submitted tickets, and save district call centers an enormous amount of time.

Screenshot of ticket template options on the Incident IQ platform - options include Broken Display Chromebook, SIS Password Reset, and Change Projector Lamp


Compose powerful automated actions.

Rules Engine automatically sorts and routes tickets, assigning priority, service level agreements, and appropriate teams or agents to each help ticket.

Screenshot of Incident IQ's Rules Engine with Student Device Priority Elevation and Student Information Systems routing


Get more done with less clicks.

Close tickets in bulk. Apply resolution actions, reassign tickets, and change the status of multiple tickets at once. Combine tickets into work packages, where tickets can be grouped and worked in bulk, or in succession.

Batch actions screen image
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