Ticket Creation & Workflows

Simple, powerful ticket submission.

iiQ Ticketing is designed to power K-12 help requests. Ticket submission in seconds, complete with rich information attached.

Ticket Wizard

The quickest way to submit help requests.

The Ticket Wizard in iiQ Ticketing provides teachers, students, and staff a simple way to submit help tickets.

Efficient Entry

Step-by-step prompts and an intuitive user interface get the majority of help tickets submitted in under a minute.

Tailored Issues

Issue categories are tailored to each request — users don’t have to scroll through long lists of issues to find what they need help with.

Quick Tickets

Quick Tickets allow users to quickly access their most commonly used hardware and software in seconds. Users can mark favorites, allowing one-click access to ticket submission right from their dashboard.


The power of integrated data.

iiQ Ticketing integrates with popular Student Information Systems & Mobile Device Management consoles. No more hunting for course codes or serial numbers. SIS and asset integrations bring relevant data right into the Ticket Wizard. Real-time communication between external systems and iiQ Ticketing allow requests to be submitted with more precise, actionable data.

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My Classes

Quick and easy ticket creation for students, by their teachers.

With My Classes, teachers can quickly submit a help ticket on behalf of their students. All students and their corresponding devices are easily visible in the My Classes page, and tickets are submitted using the simple, step-by-step Ticket Wizard.

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Support learning apps with Support Flows

Support Flows are workflows built for popular K-12 learning tools. A simple install provides tailored ticket submission — with pre-defined issues, resolution actions, support widgets, and Knowledge Base libraries.

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iiQ Ticketing fits with your district.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to individual ticket types to capture actionable information to enable quicker issue resolution.

Custom Names

Use the names that your district uses. Custom names allow districts to tailor the appearance and name of hardware and software types in the Ticket Wizard.

Roles & Permissions

Use fine-grained permissions to set permissions based on agent location and role.

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