Integrated Asset Data

Bring rich asset data into your help desk.

Integrate help ticketing and asset data for a complete support experience. Resolve tickets quickly by providing agents actionable asset information with every help request.

Asset History

Keep a detailed history of every district device.

Record purchase information, funding source, hardware specs, and more. Add custom fields to record additional info that your district requires.

Previous tickets and changes made to ownership, location, and device status are automatically stored in the asset’s timeline.


Simple device assignment.

Assign devices individually to students with simple check-in and check-out tools.

For larger deployment projects, iiQ Assets provides powerful tools for school-wide device assignments.


Integrate with leading MDMs.

Integrate Google Admin Console, Microsoft SCCM, Jamf, and Filewave asset management data into iiQ Ticketing. Real-time sync between platforms provides information such as when a device was last accessed, current OS version, and detailed hardware specs.

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Detailed asset analytics provide actionable insights.

Monitor the reliability of your educational technology. Uncover common pain points and failure rates among device deployments. Gain at-a-glance insights, and use filters to generate analytic data among user-defined data sets.

Go further with iiQ Assets

The integrated asset management capabilities of iiQ Ticketing provide essential asset data to tickets. For advanced deployment and auditing features, check out iiQ Assets.

Key Features

  • Detailed Asset Info
  • Asset History
  • Asset Reporting
  • Integrates with Leading MDMs
  • Devices Tied to Users
  • Assets Explorer
  • Filters & Custom Views
  • Export to Spreadsheet
  • Bulk Asset Actions
  • Check In / Check Out
  • Smart Audits
  • Link / Clone Assets
  • Detailed Permission Controls
  • Asset Verification
  • Rapid Scan
  • Rollout Scout (Deployment Tools)
  • Advanced Storage Tracking
  • Bulk Asset Tag Printing

iiQ Ticketing

Integrated Asset Data

iiQ Assets

Advanced Asset Management

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