Work Order Management

Better tools for better facilities management.

The task of a K-12 facilities team is large, and the incoming maintenance requests are endless. iiQ Facilities provides a suite of tools to help your team better manage work orders and get the job done.

Completing Work Orders

Easily track parts, labor, and progress.

When you’re tackling a work order in iiQ Facilities, it’s simple to track your efforts. Log work with resolution actions, and add parts and labor costs in seconds.

For big jobs with multiple team members, iiQ Facilities makes it easy to add labor costs from multiple technicians with different hourly rates on the same work order.


Quick ways to get your teams up to speed.

iiQ Facilities provides convenient tools to stay in touch in the field. Easily update work orders with comments — either in-app or via email. Add followers to maintenance requests to automatically inform stakeholders of updates, keeping everyone in the know.

Rules Engine

Build custom workflows that fit your district.

Don’t waste your day with administrative tasks that take hours off the clock — Rules Engine powers automations that help your team stay focused on the task at hand.

Automated Assignment

Assign work orders based on issue type, location, or current workload.

Preventative Maintenance

Create PM tasks on a scheduled basis, generating data-rich work orders automatically.

Email Alerts

Dispatch automatic email alerts to keep stakeholders informed when high-priority work orders are updated

Incident IQ Mobile

A service management platform in the palm of your hand.

Incident IQ Mobile contains everything that K-12 maintenance teams need to manage work orders in the field.

Monitor maintenance requests district-wide from the dashboard.

Add parts and labor to work orders in seconds.

Submit maintenance requests with the Ticket Wizard.

Batch Actions

Clear out a stack of work in a couple of clicks.

Batch Actions are a great tool when dealing with similar work orders. Reassign or close groups of work orders in a click, or change the status of multiple maintenance requests at once. Apply parts and labor information to groups of work orders in seconds.

Batch Actions are one of the many ways iiQ Facilities helps K-12 maintenance teams cut down on clicks and administrative friction.

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