Work Order Creation

The best way to create work orders. Period.

iiQ Facilities allows K-12 staff to easily submit data-rich maintenance requests. Scheduled tasks are a snap too, with ticket templates for preventative maintenance projects.

Ticket Wizard

The maintenance request tool built to handle K-12 demands.

K-12 faculty and staff need a simple way to submit maintenance requests. That’s why iiQ Facilities uses Ticket Wizard — the simple submission process found in other Incident IQ products. Ticket Wizard gets requests submitted in seconds and can be tailored with a level of customization you can’t find anywhere else.

Customizable Workflows

Detailed customization to fit your district’s needs.

Don’t struggle with stubborn tools — iiQ Facilities is built to work with your way of doing things.

iiQ Facilities allows unparalleled customization when it comes to maintenance requests. Tailor the Ticket Wizard with relevant issue types for your district, and add custom fields to request forms to capture the exact data your team needs to get started. 

Ticket Templates

Schedule preventative maintenance tasks with ticket templates.

For recurring or scheduled work orders, ticket templates are an enormous time-saver. Schedule preventative maintenance and recurring work orders and rest easy. Tie assets to work orders, and keep precise records of exactly what is being worked on.

Ticket templates ensure that work orders are created reliably, with all the information your team needs to get started immediately.

Asset History

Add assets to work orders for detailed records.

With iiQ Facilities, physical assets can be tied to work orders to build rich asset histories, including prior incidents and the time they took to be resolved. Quickly view the asset type, model, location and status right on the work order the asset has been assigned to.

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