Streamline work orders

Easily track parts, labor, and progress.

When you’re tackling a work order in iiQ Facilities, it’s simple
to track your efforts. Log work with resolution actions,
and add parts and labor costs in seconds.

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Creating a ticket in IncidentIQ software

Asset & maintenance inventory management

Add assets to work
orders for detailed records.

With iiQ Facilities, physical assets can be tied to work orders to build rich asset histories, including prior incidents and the time they took to be resolved. Quickly access the asset type, model, location, and status directly from a work order.

Inventory management software showing asset details
Progress report on an iPhone

Incident iq mobile

Give your teams the
tools they need on the go.

Incident IQ Mobile contains the same powerful facilities maintenance tools found on the desktop. Log progress on work orders, track parts and labor, and submit new work order requests all from a mobile device. Available on iOS and Android, Incident IQ Mobile helps maintenance teams get more done on the go.

workflow routing

Work Prioritization
& Cross-departmental Routing

The powerful work order system built into iiQ Facilities makes sure that that new work gets assigned to the best team member, even if they work in another department.

Workflow setup in IncidentIQ software

Ticket Wizard

Quick & Easy Work
Order Submissions

K-12 faculty and staff need a simple way to submit maintenance requests. That’s why iiQ Facilities uses Ticket Wizard — the simple submission process found in other Incident IQ products. Ticket Wizard gets requests submitted in seconds and can be tailored with a level of customization you can’t find anywhere else.

For years, we had a virtual wall between our two help desks: the maintenance work order and the technology world order. Now we have a one-stop shop for the end-user.

Kirk murdock

Senior Technology Officer
Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD

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case study

Learn how this K-12 district
unified their IT and facilities
support workflows.

The support staff at Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD were looking for a new support platform for their IT team. The maintenance department spoke up and mentioned that they were looking for a new platform too. Read how Incident IQ helped transform K-12 support operations once both departments were brought to a unified workflow management platform.


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