Simplify everything:
from creation to completion.

Quickly receive and prioritize work orders and track progress to resolution. Save time on manual tasks by automating workflows and ensure everyone has the information they need.


Faster and easier work assignments.

Make more time for work that matters with no touch routing. Automatically send work assignments to the technician or team who can best address the issue based on required skills, availability, or work location.

Illustration depicting the ease in distributing facility requests to your different workers.
Mobile with screen displaying a facility ticket.


Give your teams the tools they need on the go.

Teams can work uninterrupted as they move around a school’s campus or between buildings with a mobile app to log work order progress, track parts and labor, and submit new work requests. Snap pictures to add to work orders or attach to asset records to clarify issues and help with audits.


Better asset management starts with detailed work records.

Centralize and detail the work performed on assets for quick reference and flexible reporting. From belt sizes to board meetings, building rich asset libraries helps teams work faster and leaders make better decisions about their operations.

Screenshot of Incident IQ's Asset Details screen


Simple for faculty members and maintenance teams.

Whether it’s a leaky water fountain or a broken laptop screen, K-12 faculty just want to request help without having to learn which system to use. Give everyone a simple, quick way to submit maintenance requests and ensure they provide all the critical information your team needs on the first pass.

For years, we had a virtual wall between our two help desks: the maintenance work order and the technology work order. Now we have a one-stop shop for the end-user.


Senior Technology Officer
Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD, Texas


Learn how this K-12 district unified their IT and facilities support workflows.

The support staff at Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD were looking for a new support platform for their IT team. The maintenance department spoke up and mentioned that they were looking for a new platform too. Read how Incident IQ helped transform K-12 support operations once both departments were brought to a unified workflow management platform.

Better facilities management with interactive asset mapping

Streamlined facilities management with interactive asset mapping. From efficient onboarding to project planning, digital maps in Incident IQ’s CMMS can elevate productivity, minimizing oversights and knowledge loss. Enhance your approach to streamlined operations.

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