Keep tabs on what you need to get work done.

Make sure you always know what parts and supplies you have on hand and where they are. Full visibility into your inventory levels makes sure you stay stocked up, so work doesn’t slow down.

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Take control of
your stockroom.

Organize parts information in ways that make sense for your department. Track part details, stock, usage, suppliers, purchase orders, and more to ensure teams can grab n’ go to finish the job quickly.

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Update levels and part usage in real-time.

Ensure you maintain accurate inventory levels by updating parts usage directly from work orders. Catch shortages before inventory runs empty with low supply alerts.

Incident IQ makes us more confident in how many repairs we need to do, what parts we need to order, and it gives us an idea of where we really need to spend our time.


Software and Computer Support Technician
Simsbury Public Schools


Insights to optimize usage and costs.

Keep track of where parts are being used and what’s driving the highest costs. Filter information by worker, location, category, and more, to make informed decisions about ordering, usage, and how to optimize budget.

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