Stay informed on upcoming events.

iiQ Events gives stakeholders a comprehensive view of upcoming district events. Check the calendar at a glance, or use custom views to create filtered lists of events, and integrations to synchronize event listings with third-party calendars.

Event Calendar for the month.


Know what events are on the horizon.

See what’s going on in a specific room, at a building, or across the entire district. iiQ Events helps planning teams stay up-to-date on upcoming events in their district.

Calendar icon


Plan the future with custom views.

Create a view that displays relevant events that matter to your team. Sort by start date or location, and share that view with another agent or team, keeping everyone’s calendar synchronized.

Select a filter screen grab.


Stay synced with integrations.

Import event listings with integrations for iiQ Events. Popular integrations include ArbiterSports and Google Calendar, which keep athletic listings and other engagements tracked and in sync.

Arbiter Sports and Google Calendar app icon.
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