Powerful tools make audits simple.

Smart Audits provides districts with tools that make device verification quick and easy. Rapid physical audits, automatic device verification, and workflows that make auditing classroom devices as simple as taking attendance.

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Create and manage tailored audit policies.

Using Smart Audits, administrators can create multiple audit policies based on hardware type, location, funding source, and more. Set frequent audits for hardware that’s on the go, and periodic audits for fixed assets.

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Perform precision physical audits with powerful tools.

Conduct physical audits in a snap. Connect a barcode scanner to a laptop and quickly verify large groups of devices. No scanner? No problem. Incident IQ Mobile uses the camera on your phone to scan asset tags and verify devices.

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Incident IQ allows us to quickly check that a student device has been used within the last 30 days, and by whom. This avoids end of the year surprises.


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Conduct audits without touching a device.

With automatic verifications, devices are successfully audited when the assigned user logs into their device. If a device isn’t used within a defined window, it will be automatically flagged for a manual follow-up.

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Distribute the auditing workload.

Empower teachers to assist in device audits with the My Classes feature. Teachers can use a connected webcam or scanner to verify devices in their classroom. With My Classes, auditing student devices is as simple as taking attendance.

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The best time to conduct a school inventory audit.

Trying to figure out the optimal time to schedule a device inventory audit? Check out our blog for helpful tips on the best times of the year to start your counting.


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