Manage district inventories with confidence.

iiQ Assets provides enterprise-level asset management tools, built to scale with today’s K-12 technology footprint.

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Gain total visibility over your device inventory.

Use filters and views to sort and display assets by dozens of different data points. With iiQ Assets, K-12 IT teams are empowered with an unprecedented level of clarity to manage inventory levels and track assets across their district.


Track the lifecycle of devices.

iiQ Assets keeps a detailed record of changes made to every device using specific device IDs or serial numbers. Automatically track changes to ownership, location, hardware internals, and other crucial asset data.

The inventory management is great — it’s really flexible and powerful. It’s allowed our IT staff to look up device history and identify where to go to help our teachers and staff more quickly.


Instructional Technologist
South San Francisco Unified School District


Get more done with less clicks.

Streamline workflows by eliminating redundant efforts—bulk un-assign, print asset labels, link devices, change location data, and more. Use automation to enjoy better inventory management with less effort required.

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Instant actions with the scan of an asset tag.

Rapid Scan displays device information and quick actions when an asset tag is scanned. Rapid Scan works anywhere in iiQ Assets — just use your phone as a barcode scanner, scan a tag, and take action.


Integrate with leading MDM platforms.

Reduce the need for shared logins into sensitive systems by bringing data from your district’s MDM platform into iiQ Assets. Featuring integrations with Google Admin Console, Microsoft SCCM, and Jamf, iiQ Assets fits with your district’s existing device management framework.



Manage assets in the field.

The Incident IQ Mobile app allows you to manage inventory in real time from anywhere. With a quick scan of an asset tag or student ID, you can check in or check out devices, log storage locations, and more. It’s asset management in the palm of your hand.


Incident IQ Inventory Management System: Key features and functionalities

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School asset analytics at a glance

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Detailed permission controls

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Integrated asset tag printing

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Link assets for simple management

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Group assets for better organization

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Get up and running quickly with asset imports


How can I track student laptops?

To effectively track student laptops, school districts can utilize asset management software tailored for educational institutions. Our specialized software allows asset managers to keep a close eye on devices issued to students, like laptops, tablets, charging cords, and other accessories. Alternatively, you can use a more manual solution such as Excel spreadsheets or other document files, however such solutions are difficult to scale and the information entered is prone to human error and becoming outdated.

What is asset management software?

In the K-12 space, asset management software is a user-friendly tool designed to help efficiently track and manage school assets. It brings together all asset-related information in one centralized system, streamlining tasks like asset tracking, maintenance schedules, and depreciation monitoring. Incident IQ’s inventory management solution empowers users to make informed decisions, optimize asset utilization, and ultimately enhance overall productivity.

How does inventory management affect budgeting?

Keeping accurate records of school assets means you know exactly when it’s time to replace items, and how many new ones are needed. For instance, by accurately tracking student devices, including how many have been deprovisioned at the end of the year, you’ll know exactly how many new devices must be ordered for the school year ahead.

The best inventory management solution will also enable notifications for low stock alerts, letting you know when it’s time to reorder items, and providing all of the details necessary to quickly submit purchase orders for approval.

Is asset tracking limited to student devices and technology?

Absolutely not! K-12 schools should keep inventory records for all school assets, including classroom furniture, lab equipment, computers and related accessories, projectors, DVD players, sports equipment, and more. Office consumables, like printer paper or ink, and any school supplies kept in stock, like dry erase markers or note pads, can also be included as inventory items. Tracking all of these items allows for a comprehensive view of what assets your districts have on hand, what is needed, and how budget should be allocated.

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