Incident IQ is Built for K-12

Teaching and learning today is empowered by technology of all types—if it is properly supported. We built Incident IQ to be the leading K-12 help ticketing and asset management system. We designed it to be easy for teachers, efficient for support teams, and to provide leaders with analytics to drive better support for students.

Easy for teachers

Teachers should be able to submit support requests quickly, so they can focus on students and teaching. Our Quick Tickets workflow and Favorites feature power fast ticket entry, with all the information support teams need to understand and resolve issues.

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Efficient for teams

Help tickets are automatically routed by location, device type, issue, or other filterable criteria. Asset management integrations ensure ticket data is complete, while in-platform communications enable quick issue updates.

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K-12 Technology Support Built for IT Teams
K-12 Technology Support for Data & Systems Teams

Data & Systems Teams

Incident IQ’s powerful SIS and LMS support integrations equip K-12 data support teams with rich ticket information, visibility, and tailored workflows to dramatically boost productivity for SIS and LMS help requests.

K-12 Technology Support Built for Technical Support Teams

Technical Support Teams

Teachers submit help tickets in less than a minute, while asset management and data integrations enrich tickets with all necessary information needed to quickly resolve issues.

K-12 Technology Support Built for K-12 Leadership

K-12 Technology Leaders

Incident IQ provides a unified platform for all district stakeholders to ensure faster and better technology support to benefit students, teachers and support teams. Analytics provide leaders with key insights and the big picture.

Analytics for leaders

Leaders gain overall visibility and the ability to drill down to view information on hardware, software, and support team performance. Identify bottlenecks, monitor Service Level Agreement (SLA) benchmarks, and export analytics data with one click.

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