Connect Incident IQ to everything.

Incident IQ’s RESTful API allows developers to craft custom integrations to suit district needs. Enterprise-class tools — built for K-12.

Our API is
your API.

The Incident IQ platform leverages the same powerful API that we make available to our customers. Expand your support and connect Incident IQ to your district ecosystem.

We’ve designed our API to handle millions of users, connected to thousands of systems, while providing crucial information that districts need. We’re proud to share that power with our customers, enabling them to go beyond the integrations we’ve built, and create their own custom extensions.


Chief Technology Officer
Incident IQ

Connect district systems.
Provide comprehensive support.

Connect your billing system to your ticketing system.

Districts connect iiQ Ticketing to billing systems, so fees or charges are automatically invoiced when certain ticket types are submitted.

Push tickets to district service providers.

By connecting third-party providers with iiQ Ticketing, agents can forward relevant issues with a single click.

Pull Incident IQ analytics into data visualization software.

Many districts have their own framework for data and analytics. The Incident IQ API makes it simple to bring data from the Incident IQ platform into district analytic tools.

You can build a lot of great functionality using the Incident IQ API.


Information Technology Specialist
Springfield Local Schools


Use webhooks to sync systems and push updates.

Webhooks are a great way to keep data synchronized between multiple systems. Lightweight and with less setup than API workflows, webhooks are a great way to push events from Incident IQ to external systems.

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