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What’s New in Incident IQ – November 30

Nov 30 Release||||

Welcome to the latest release of Incident IQ. This release features powerful new filtering tools, new integrations, and a number of enhancements straight from our Idea Exchange. These new features continue our efforts to build tools for today’s challenging support environments, and use community feedback to create the best K-12 technology support platform possible.

Generate device change reports with new Asset Tracing filters.

We’ve added new filters that make it simple to trace historical changes made to groups of devices. Trace changes made to Owner, Asset Status, Location, and Storage Location within a defined date range. Select an agent to produce precise lists of which assets were changed by a specific team member. These new asset tracing filters make it simple to pinpoint who changed a device, and when. This saves enormous amounts of time when trying to trace device changes for contact tracing or record-keeping purposes.

Agents can use these asset tracing filters by navigating to a list of assets and selecting: Filter > Timeline Filters > Asset Field Changed. For more information on these new asset tracing filters, see the following article in our help center.

Select a filter

Import and update users with ease with the new User Importer tool.

Our new User Importer tool makes it simple to import large groups of users, or make changes to user profiles in bulk. Field mapping tools correlate CSV data to fields within Incident IQ, allowing accurate imports regardless of source data formatting. If you’re familiar with our overhauled Asset Importer tool, you’ll find the same easy experience has been brought to user imports.

Administrators and can access the new User Importer by navigating to Users > Import Users on the left sidebar. To learn more about our new User Importer, check out this help article.

Import Data

New MDM Integration: Jamf School

With this integration, users can seamlessly import Jamf School asset data right into Incident IQ. Additionally, automated syncs ensure cross-platform data fidelity. To learn more about our new Jamf School integration, check out this help article.

New Remote Assistance Integration: SimpleHelp

SimpleHelp is another exciting remote assistance integration. Districts can now launch SimpleHelp remote support sessions right from an Incident IQ help ticket. To learn more about our new SimpleHelp integration, see the following help article.

Jamf School

Idea Exchange Enhancements: Automatic cursor placement for less clicks.

A quality of life enhancement you might notice in this release is that your cursor is now automatically centered in blank search boxes in various parts of iiQ. We heard that clicks were adding up during ticket submission and resolution, so we enhanced the cursor behavior to automatically center on blank search boxes that appear. It’s a small but significant change that should reduce clicks appreciably.

Additional Idea Exchange enhancements contained in this release:

  • Separated the Disable and Deprovision permissions in Quick Lock. These new options allow admins to disable the Deprovision function for agents, while still allowing them to disable lost or stolen devices from within Incident IQ. Learn more here.
  • Fully suppress agent-only Knowledge Base article titles from non-agent Knowledge Base view.
  • Added email mapping options to the Jamf integration for easier two-way sync.
  • Google Devices: Incident IQ can now write back asset tag info to the asset ID field and write back notes to the asset notes field in Google. These new settings can be found if you navigate to Incident IQ Apps > Manage > Google Devices > General Settings > Write data back to Google. To learn more about OU write-back functionality, see the following help article.

You can always head over to the Idea Exchange to submit an idea to help us improve Incident IQ, or to discuss and upvote other user submissions.

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