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What’s New in Incident IQ: November 2023 Enhancements

Our November enhancements are rolling out, and they’ll all be live by November 11. Read on to see what’s new in Incident IQ this month, and register for our next webinar and Office Hours events.

Create Quick Tickets for users with Enhanced Quick Tickets.

Administrators can now create Quick Ticket links for users, with our Enhanced Quick Tickets functionality. Drill down to an issue category or individual issue type, and push that Quick Ticket type to the dashboards of designated users. 

This is helpful to ensure that users have easily-available shortcuts available to quickly submit requests for frequently encountered issues. 

See how to create Enhanced Quick Tickets for users, check out our documentation in iiQ Community here.

Coming Soon: Get more done on the go with new Incident IQ Mobile updates.

A host of new features are hitting Incident IQ Mobile. Here’s a quick list of what you’ll see:

  • New Ticket Grid View
  • Sort Tickets by Priority
  • Sort Tickets by Location
  • View Recently Accessed Tickets
  • Preserve Scrolling Placement for Ticket Grid Views After Returning to List
  • View and Upload photos for Location Floorplans
  • View and Upload Location Photos
  • Apply Ad Hoc Part to Ticket
  • Attach photo to Ad Hoc part

Take a look over in Community to read more about navigating and sorting tickets and new location/floor plan photo functionality in Incident IQ Mobile. 

Device Actions are now available for districts using Incident IQ’s Jamf integration.

Districts using Jamf can use Device Actions from an asset details page to quickly send commands to devices in the field, without needing to switch back and forth between platforms. The following commands are available for relevant assets being managed with Jamf Pro in Incident IQ:

  • Lock Device
  • Enable/Disable Lost Mode
  • Restart Device
  • Wipe Device

Print tickets in bulk in less clicks with enhanced batch printing.

Need a hard copy of a group of tickets in a hurry? No problem. We’ve tweaked our batch actions to group multiple tickets in a single document for streamlined printing. Simply grab a group of tickets, select Print, and you’re good to go — the selected tickets will print in a single document, saving time and clicks. 

Designate required asset information fields with new options.

A new site setting has been added — Required Fields for Data Entities. When this setting is toggled on, administrators can designate any global default fields for assets as required. These fields will have to be populated when new assets are created or cloned. 

Take a look at how to set up required fields for assets over on iiQ Community.

See what’s new at our next webinar, and join us for our next Office Hours.

Want to see these new features in action? We’ve got two opportunities next week. We’ll be having our What’s New webinar on Tuesday, followed by our next Office Hours event on Thursday. Join for one or both, and take a closer look at the new enhancements arriving this month.