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What’s New in Incident IQ – May 2018


Refine user permissions

Update groups of users at once, define which users or roles can close tickets, and further customize user permissions, all in an enhanced and easier-to-use UI. In addition, user data can be mapped from multiple sources in order to populate user profiles with accurate data.

For example, data coming from Active Directory and Infinite Campus can be mapped into Incident IQ user profiles.

Smarter data imports and exports

Asset data is more comprehensive now that custom fields can be included in data imports and exports. Plus, virtual assets have been retired to eliminate duplicate asset entries.

Apply custom names

Keep it simple for your faculty by calling models, issues, and categories a familiar name. For example, rename “HP Chromebook 11 G5 EE” to something simpler, like “student laptop”.

Custom names can be accessed by administrators by navigating to Administration > Settings > Custom Names. Custom names can currently be applied to Locations and Models.

App Spotlight:

Rollout Scout

Rollout Scout makes it easy for schools to return the same student device year over year. It’s an Incident IQ app that enhances the accuracy and speed of student device collection, storage, and deployment. Instantly assign a device owner during distribution or a storage location during collection, address issues by opening a help ticket with one click, and promote device stewardship by maintaining rich asset history.

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Other Featured Apps & Integrations

Google Admin Console
Import Chromebook data for richer asset management.

Data sync and custom ticket workflows.