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What’s New in Incident IQ: June 2024 Enhancements

Our latest enhancements are now live. Read on to see what’s new in Incident IQ this month, and register for our upcoming webinar.

Better understand replacement timelines with new depreciation fields on Assets

New functionality gives the ability to understand asset depreciation and make repair versus replace decisions. Find a new Depreciation Information section on the Asset Details page, including: Replacement Cost, Expected Lifetime, Salvage Value, End of Life, Annual Depreciation, Remaining life, Current Book Value, and Depreciation Periods. 

Additional functionalities to manage your asset depreciation:

  • New depreciation information fields on Asset Details page
  • Setting for fiscal year start month on admin site
  • Calculation of Asset Depreciation
  • Cost Tracking tab on asset details page
  • Manage required assets on Required Fields page 

*These features are included with iiQ Assets and iiQ Facilities

Want to learn more? Check out our Community Guide

Easily track tickets by due date with Work Calendar

Several new enhancements to the Work Calendar are now live! Admins and Agents will have the ability to:

  • View due dates in several calendar views, including list, month, week and day, making it easy to see what needs to be completed by a certain date. 
  • Drag and drop tickets between days in the month and week Work Calendar views to quickly change the due date for an item without having to open the ticket.
  • Filter and search with a new field at the top of the Work Calendar page to quickly view all resolved tickets on the calendar and all the existing ticket statuses. 
  • Share a created calendar with Agents/Teams, making it easier for agents and all members of the team to see the calendar.

Check out all the details in our Community Guide 

iiQ Events: New calendar features

Admins can now control who can see and/or manage events by location. This allows users such as event coordinators, building admins, and principals to customize their views to only see events under their purview.

Get all the details in Community

Now on mobile!

Check out these new, time-saving features for mobile. Users are now able to: 

  • Edit most custom fields in tickets on a Mobile device. 
  • View all subtasks to an assigned ticket in the subtask tab 
  • Complete and delete subtasks conveniently 
  • Edit comments
  • Add agent and date for labor record

More details here

Bound iCal  Integration

District admins can sync events from their Bound Calendar to iiQ Events, so changes like creating, updating, and deleting events in Bound are pushed to iiQ as well. With this integration, K-12 support teams can prevent double-booking, stay informed, and have better visibility over location availability and upcoming district events. Using an iCal link generated from Bound, iiQ will pull event data from one synced calendar to create events in iiQ.

Find out more here

EventLink Calendar Integration

Using an iCal link generated from EventLink, iiQ will pull event data from one synced calendar in order to create events in iiQ.

The EventLink app will sync with the linked iCal feed on an hourly basis automatically, but the app can be synced manually at any time from the Location Mappings tab.

Learn how to set this up with our Community Guide 

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