Incident IQ


What’s New in Incident IQ – July 13

July 13 Release|||

Welcome to the latest release of Incident IQ, which will be going live July 13. This update features our new Asset Importer — a ground-up overhaul of our importer tool.

New field mapping functionality makes it simple to match columns in a spreadsheet to data points in Incident IQ, and suggested matches help clean up incomplete or dirty data.

Whether you’re importing newly-purchased devices or making bulk changes to large groups of assets at once, the new Asset Importer streamlines these common device management tasks.

Asset Importer Enhancements

Map your asset data quickly with improved field mapping.

The new field mapping functionality makes it simple to match source fields in a spreadsheet to target fields in Incident IQ. Assets can be matched by asset tag or serial number, and there’s a new toggle that lets users select whether Rules Engine rules are performed on newly imported assets.

Field Mapping

Clean up dirty data with suggested matches.

When new data doesn’t quite match existing data points, Incident IQ will provide suggestions as to what the system thinks the best match is. Incident IQ learns from these matches, and can apply these matches to future imports as well.

Find a location

Never lose your place with automatic saves.

The step-by-step asset importer process makes it simple to pick up where you left off. Automatic saves store your progress if you get sidetracked in the middle of an import.