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What’s New in Incident IQ: December Enhancements

Welcome to the latest release of Incident IQ. Just in time for the holidays, this latest release includes brand new features and functionality as well as dozens of bug fixes. Read on to learn more about this release.

Be even more in-depth with your workflows with Advanced Ticketing.

Advanced Ticketing enables districts to create more in-depth workflows within the Incident IQ platform. Assign multiple sub-tickets nested under a single parent ticket, create a list of tasks for every ticket, and create rules that trigger new tickets to be generated, even across products.
Advanced Ticketing is available now as a free app, ready to add to your district’s Incident IQ environment.

Create custom ticket statuses to best cater to your workflows.

Every district has unique workflows, and ticket statuses should be able to adapt to your needs. Get more utility out of ticket statuses by customizing them to fit with your district’s way of doing things. Administrators can find these new ticket status options by navigating to Administration > Ticket Statuses.

Automatically set asset status with new Rules Engine automations.

Rules Engine empowers workflows to run even more efficiently. New actions can automatically set the status of an asset. For example, set up an automation that updates a device’s status as lost or stolen once a ticket with that issue type has been submitted. Look for the Set asset status action under Asset rules.

Link devices to tickets more easily.

Another great suggestion from our Idea Exchange was this linking enhancement, which saves time working on tickets. When clicking the “Link Device” button, the window will now display assets assigned to the ticket requester. No more needing to search around in other windows!

Join us on Thursday, December 2 for our HR Service Delivery Webinar.

Learn more about our latest product solution, HR Service Delivery! Bring the power of the Incident IQ platform to HR teams and streamline workflows with subtickets, forms, and more.

Register for webinar

Ring in the season with the Incident IQ holiday merch giveaway!

It’s the season for gift giving and we’ve decided to join in on the spirit! Enter for your chance to win some Incident IQ merch by joining our subreddit (/r/incidentiq) and leaving a comment in the giveaway thread before Friday, December 10.