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What’s New in Incident IQ: April Enhancements

April Enhancements: Parts inventory upgrades, integration improvements, and more

Welcome to the latest release of Incident IQ. This update brings major enhancements to parts tracking functionality across all parts of the Incident IQ platform. Read on to learn more and to register for our latest webinar.

Parts tracking functionality gets a major upgrade.

Manage parts inventory by individual locations.
Administrators and Agents with relevant permissions will now be able to manage parts inventory by location and keep track of the quantity of parts on hand at any particular site throughout the district. Admins will also now be able to “transfer” parts between locations in a single step.

Assign permissions for parts tracking by location.
Administrators can now delegate parts inventory management responsibilities to local techs for sites or locations they are responsible for, without granting them full access to manage parts data for the district.

Keep an eye on parts district-wide with Parts Explorer.
Similar to Assets Explorer, administrators will be able to quickly search for parts within the Parts Explorer, view inventory quantity alerts and widgets, and quickly drill-down into lists of parts by location or category from this interface.

Apply custom fields to parts.
Custom fields are now supported for parts. Custom fields can be assigned to parts entities by the following conditions filters: Part Category, Part Name, Part Number. These are visible when creating a new part that fit the defining conditions for the field.

An enhanced parts importer tool makes it simple to import inventory data.
The Parts Importer experience has been updated to match the import experience for assets, locations, and users in Incident IQ. All fields for parts, including custom fields and minimum parts inventory will be supported for mapping during this import, and this tool can be used to create new parts or update existing parts.

Your district will receive the upgraded parts experience soon.
We’re bringing upgraded parts functionality to districts on a rolling release cycle. The first districts will receive their migration email this week, and we’ll be in touch with your district about upgrading parts functionality in the coming month. This is a free enhancement, and no action is required on your part.

See our new parts management features in action at our next webinar on Thursday, April 14.

In our next webinar, we’ll go in-depth on our parts inventory update, as well as review some other recent Incident IQ enhancements.

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