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What’s Coming in the Winter 2019 Release

All-New Notification Center

We’ve streamlined how to stay informed on the tickets that matter to you most. Notification Center collects the changes to relevant tickets in one convenient place.

Notification Center

Filters Get a Big Upgrade

Users need to drill down into their data, and we’ve made it easier than ever before to find exactly what you’re looking for. Our overhauled filtering engine features an entirely new interface, as well as dozens of new filters. These new filters are enabled in ticket, asset, and user listings, as well as Rules Engine.

Rules Engine Enhancements

The new filter enhancements also factor into our new Rules Engine enhancements, allowing rules to be triggered by a host of new variables. Use the new Location Assignment action to set common routing and assignment criteria using just a single rule. The new Rule Simulator lets administrators see what impact a rule will have, prior to activation.

Search Engine Overhaul

You’ll notice a new look and feel to our search engine, but we’ve also done a lot of under-the-hood work to ensure that search results are even more relevant than before. Results are now broken down by type, allowing users to quickly locate exactly what they’re looking for.

Analytics Upgrades

The Incident IQ Analytics Explorer has been enhanced, with greatly reduced refresh time, deeper drill-down options, as well as a greater ability to display SLA responsiveness related to teams and locations.