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What’s New in Incident IQ – September 2018

September 2018 Monthly Enhancements Release|Infinite Campus

Incident IQ’s first update of the fall season is here. Users will find a number of requested features—like the ability to conduct feedback surveys, as well as to create custom models, issue categories and issues.

For Infinite Campus districts, our Infinite Campus app integration has been significantly enhanced, including the ability to sync grade and home room information to user profiles.

Read on to learn more about the changes found in our September update, our upcoming webinars in October, and an opportunity to receive a $25 Amazon gift card by providing a review of Incident IQ on

Measure Satisfaction With Feedback Surveys

Incident IQ has added the ability to conduct feedback surveys after tickets have been resolved. Administrators can create surveys and display them to users via email or through Incident IQ. Surveys can be sent to a sample size of users of their choosing, or to every user who has a help ticket resolved.

Reports are built into Analytics Explorer to allow leadership to gauge IT team performance over time by technician or location.

This feedback and surveys functionality will be available to all Incident IQ districts.

Create Your Own Custom Models and Issues

A frequently-requested feature that you’ll find in this new update is the ability to create custom models, issue categories, and issue types. This allows administrators the ability to add new hardware and issue types, as well as edit the names of devices to fit their district needs. Enhanced visibility options give admins the ability to display or hide certain model types from specific user categories as well.

App Improvements:

Infinite Campus

Incident IQ’s Infinite Campus integration has been enhanced, with dramatically reduced sync times, and the ability to import a greater amount of Infinite Campus data fields into Incident IQ. Calendars, homeroom, and grade levels can now be synced into Incident IQ. Current users of the Infinite Campus integration will automatically receive the update as part of this release.

Upcoming Webinars

Review Incident IQ—Get a $25 Amazon Gift Card

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