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Fee Tracker is here

Fee Tracker is a new free app that allows school-related fees to be attached to users, assets, and tickets. Generate fines, record payments and generate invoices, all through Incident IQ.

Fee Tracker is a free app, available now for districts using iiQ Ticketing.

Quickly associate fees and payments with tickets, assets, or users.

The Fee Tracker widget is visible when working a ticket, viewing an asset details page, or from a user profile. Create custom fee types and apply them in seconds.

One-click PDF invoices and receipt generation provides parents with necessary paperwork, without the hassle.

Attach fees and payments to multiple tickets at once using Batch Actions.

With Fee Tracker, agents can use Batch Actions to easily apply school-related fees and payments in bulk. Use Rules Engine to create time-saving fee management automations, like sending email alerts when a balance exceeds a certain amount.

Quickly generate reports and print invoices in a couple of clicks.

Fee Tracker eliminates the need to go searching for an invoice. Quickly generate and print a detailed PDF of one or more invoices at once and keep better track of important school-related payment records.

Integrated with InTouch and other third-party payment systems.

Alongside Fee Tracker, we’re also releasing our first third-party payment integration. The InTouch integration allows districts using InTouch to easily sync their current payment system with Incident IQ.

There are many more third-party payment integrations in the works. Stay tuned for our next What’s New email to learn more.

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