Feature Update: Enhanced SLA Functionality

We’ve enhanced our Service Level Agreement (SLA) functionality with a number of new features.  Users can now create and track multiple performance metrics from a single SLA. Custom metrics can now be added to SLAs, allowing for additional performance measurements. Create custom metrics using filters, and...

What’s New in Incident IQ – February 2020

Welcome to the February 2020 release of Incident IQ. There are a number of updates and enhancements that we think you’ll find valuable, including some popular requests from the Incident IQ Idea Exchange. Some of the key highlights include: Legibility improvements - Increased contrast and font-weight makes Incident...

What’s Coming in the Winter 2019 Release

For initiatives, both large and small, school districts often need approval from a wide variety of stakeholders. That’s why we built Change IQ — the change management solution built for K-12. Change IQ makes it simple to plan initiatives, reach consensus, and record the progress...

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