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What’s New in Incident IQ: Fall Enhancements

The year is winding down, but at Incident IQ we’re still working to bring districts new updates and enhanced support tools. Take a look at what we’ve released over the last two months. 

Now Available:

Enhanced Workflow Approvals makes it simple to get the go-ahead.

Get sign-off from key stakeholders with Enhanced Workflow Approvals. Quickly build single or multi-stage approval workflows. Users can approve or deny requests in-app, or from an email notification.

Enhanced Workflow Approvals is a premium app, available now. Learn more here.

A new LocknCharge integration helps synchronize smart locker management.

For districts using LocknCharge FUYL Tower smart lockers, our new integration is a game-changer. Agents can select a smart locker bay from an Incident IQ help ticket, making it simple to distribute new or spare devices to users in seconds. Simply select the bay, and the requestor will be sent an email containing all the info they need to pick up their new device.

Detailed logs record every step of an exchange event, making it easy to verify that devices have been dropped off or collected. This integration is available now, for districts using LocknCharge FUYL Tower smart lockers. Learn more here. 

Use Screen Recorder videos in
Knowledge Base articles.

We’ve made it easier to create and include Screen Recorder videos in Knowledge Base articles, making it simple to include explainer videos in district help guides.

If your district has Screen Recorder installed, you’ll see the tool available when you create a new Knowledge Base article. If you don’t have Screen Recorder installed, now’s a perfect time to do so! Screen Recorder is a free app, available in our Apps & Integrations catalog.

Customize your district’s welcome message for new Incident IQ users.

Put out the welcome mat and let users know they’re in the right place. Districts can now edit the welcome message that requestors see when they log in to Incident IQ.

As an administrator, navigate to Site Options > User Options / Login > Requestor Welcome Message to edit the welcome message that displays on the requestor dashboard when a new user logs in to Incident IQ.

Add parts to tickets, even if they aren’t in your parts inventory.

We’ve added support for attaching ad hoc parts to tickets, allowing agents greater flexibility for tracking parts that aren’t currently in a district’s parts inventory in Incident IQ.

As an administrator, navigate to Site Options > Tickets > Enable Ad Hoc Parts to activate this feature.

New asset sorting options allow agents to sort assets by owner’s last name.

A small enhancement that will likely make a world of difference — sorting assets by owner’s last name.

Agents and admins can use this new option when looking at a grid of few assets and selecting Sort by Owner (Last, First).

Jamf School: Write back device ownership data from Incident IQ to Jamf School.

Districts can now automatically push ownership data from iiQ to Jamf School during nightly syncs.

To enable this writeback feature as an administrator, navigate to Incident IQ Apps > Manage > Jamf School > General Settings > Map custom values from Jamf School. Select the desired value (owner:username, owner:email, etc), select the Map Direction as Incident IQ to Jamf School, and save your settings.