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Support Scheduler is here.

Introducing Support Scheduler|||

Introducing Support Scheduler — a simple way to schedule support sessions, now available as a premium app.

With Support Scheduler, agents can easily schedule support sessions with requestors, track them on their Incident IQ calendar, and easily export scheduled events to a third-party calendar. Agents can provide requestors with a range of available times, and allow requestors to choose the time that works best for them.

Dynamic scheduling that works for everyone.

Support Scheduler allows agents to easily view their workload, and prevents double-booking events. Need to get multiple support sessions booked? No problem. Send the same time windows to multiple requestors; when someone selects that time, it’s no longer an option for others to choose. Maximum flexibility, without the risk of overbooking.

Requestors can select a time for their support session — no login required.

When an agent sends a list of possible scheduling windows for a support session, the requestor will receive an email with the schedule options listed. The requestor can securely select a time with one click, no Incident IQ login required. This approach allows users to confirm scheduled support sessions on any device, simply by opening an email and selecting a time.

Export scheduled events to third-party calendars in a snap.

Support Scheduler lets you easily export scheduled support sessions to a third-party calendar of choice in seconds. That keeps your work sessions front and center, right where you want them.