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Incident IQ releases Support Messenger

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Introducing Support Messenger — A real-time communication tool for Incident IQ users. Easily initiate messaging with requestors that are tied to tickets, or start group chats with agents to tackle projects with a team.

Here’s some of the features you’ll find in Support Messenger:

Seamless, real-time communication anywhere in Incident IQ.

With Support Messenger, message threads are attached to tickets, so conversations stay organized. Open a ticket attached to a message anywhere in Incident IQ via the message flyout, without having to jump to another page. This helps when you have a lot going on and don’t want to lose your place while working.

Support Messenger Open Tickets

Start a conversation with a requestor, or create a group chat with your team.

Use Support Messenger for issue-specific questions, or for wider group communications. Start a message thread with a requestor right from a ticket, or host a group message to tackle projects with your team.

Support Messenger automatically detects when you’ve had a prior conversation with someone, so you can always pick back up where you left off.

Support Messenger Start a Conversation

Spread the word with links, files, and more.

Share screenshots, Knowledge Base articles, and drag-and-drop files, right in the message thread. Ticket-related messages appear in the Ticket Timeline, making it simple to reference a conversation.

Support Messenger Chat

Status indicators make it simple to see who’s online.

A green status dot will display if a user is logged in to Incident IQ. Users attached to a message will get email notifications about new messages when they’re away.

Support Messenger Status Update