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Incident IQ Releases New Integration for Lexicon Tech Solutions

API-driven integration streamlines hardware repair processes and improves asset visibility for K-12 support teams

Atlanta, November 3, 2022

Incident IQ, the workflow management platform built for K-12 school districts, released an integration with Lexicon Tech Solutions to better facilitate hardware repairs and spare device management. Incident IQ features help ticketing and asset management solutions for K-12 schools, and with this new integration K-12 IT teams can quickly manage break-fix workflows and spare device assignment directly from an Incident IQ help ticket. 

With Incident IQ’s AlwaysLearning integration, technicians can initiate a repair request straight from an Incident IQ help ticket, which initiates Lexicon’s end-to-end repair process. IT technicians begin the repair process with a click, hand a spare device to a student, and Lexicon’s AlwaysLearning™ technicians handle the rest—from picking up damaged devices, replenishing spare device inventories at schools, and completing component-level device repairs at a Lexicon repair facility.

The API-driven integration automatically updates the status of the device during each step of the repair and return process, so  district IT support teams can readily view the status of every device under a Lexicon AlwaysLearning service contract directly from Incident IQ.

“Incident IQ is focused on streamlining workflows for support teams so that teaching and learning can flourish, and Lexicon Tech Solutions is a partner in that mission,” said Jorgen von Tangen, VP of Apps & Integrations at Incident IQ. “This integration lets technicians immediately initiate a device repair and assign a spare device right from an iiQ help ticket, minimizing downtime and keeping working devices in student hands. Having our two platforms working together in such close coordination saves districts enormous amounts of technician time, while also helping districts get the most out of their K-12 technology budget.”

“Districts reduce costs by learning how things go wrong,” said Josh King, Lexicon CEO. “Having Lexicon’s deep-dive analytics immediately available to look at failure rates and what’s breaking by component, school, or even grade-level is a huge win with the iiQ integration.” 

The AlwaysLearning integration is available from Incident IQ for iiQ user districts with a Lexicon Tech AlwaysLearning™ service contract.

About Incident IQ 

Incident IQ is the workflow management platform built exclusively for K-12 schools, featuring asset management, help ticketing, facilities maintenance solutions, and more. Millions of students and teachers in more than 1,100 districts across 49 states rely on the Incident IQ platform to manage and deliver mission-critical services.

Incident IQ is based in Atlanta. 

About Lexicon Tech Solutions

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Lexicon Tech Solutions provides device repair, maintenance, and refresh services to K-12 districts of all sizes. Lexicon’s AlwaysLearning™ device management program leads the industry in turn times and repair rates and is anchored by a modern 75,000 sf ISO 9001:2015 certified repair facility.

Incident IQ Press Contact:

Matt Owensby

1-877-747-3073 ext. 255

Lexicon Tech Solutions Press Contact:

Dena Harris