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Incident IQ™ District Spotlight – Rockdale County Public Schools


ATLANTA (June 28, 2017) — More than 100 schools have seen improvements to their instructional technology support by using the new Incident IQ help desk platform. The 21 schools within Rockdale County Public Schools (RCPS), an Atlanta-area district, have improved resolution rate of IT support tickets by 40 percent since implementing Incident IQ this past school year.

“We needed a robust infrastructure to help us track and manage IT devices. Incident IQ has become that critical hub for us to minimize instructional downtime,” said Michael Rotjan, Instructional Data Coordinator for RCPS.

RCPS is similar to many districts who must leverage limited staff to manage and support a multitude of technology, software, and online systems across many school locations with diverse end-user needs. Analytics Explorer and Rules Engine automatic ticket routing are two features of Incident IQ that empower district leaders, and have streamlined the workload for 33 technicians supporting more than 23,000 devices and 16,0000 users across RCPS.

“School systems are among the largest and most complex IT users of any given community, so it is important that we built a system to fit their unique needs. Incident IQ serves the instructional technology mission by enabling better support for teaching and learning,” said Lexicon Technologies VP and General Manager RT Collins.

User single sign-on, asset tracking, Student Information System (SIS), and Learning Management System (LMS) support workflows are some of the integrative features that helped RCPS to improve help ticket resolution. Additionally, the district credited Incident IQ for helping them report end-of-year student enrollment to the state six times faster than any previous year (in two days rather than two weeks of long hours).

“Managing technology should be simpler,” said Chief Software Architect Jason Martin. “School districts need an IT support platform that blends seamlessly with the rest of their technology ecosystem.”

The foundational goal of Incident IQ is to help improve student achievement by empowering higher quality and more efficient management of instructional technology. Lexicon K-12 Solutions aims to help teachers and school staff attain the promise of improved student achievement by properly supporting hardware, software and online systems central to today’s technology-transformed curriculum.

More about Incident IQ

Incident IQ is a help desk platform and mobile application built for schools to support their IT programs. Incident IQ is the only tool available for schools to organize IT help requests and manage assets in one place. Additionally, Incident IQ provides district leaders with analytics — not currently available through any other platform — about their technology and team performance by location, issue type time period, and much more. Using single-sign on, Incident IQ can be accessed from any desktop, laptop or mobile device, and integrates with Student Information Systems (SIS), and Learning Management Systems (LMS) to empower support workflows tailored for those critical systems.

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