My Classes

Help teachers help their students with tech-related issues.

My Classes is a dynamic tool for teachers within Incident IQ that makes getting tech support for students as easy as taking attendance.

Quick and easy ticket creation for students, by their teachers.

With My Classes, teachers can quickly submit a help ticket on behalf of their students. All students and their corresponding devices are easily visible in the My Classes page, and tickets are submitted using the simple, step-by-step Ticket Wizard.

SIS Integrations

My Classes is ready to work with your current SIS platform.

Using SIS integrations, My Classes securely populates with teacher’s student roster data and course codes. These SIS integrations ensure an intuitive, secure way for teachers to use district data within Incident IQ.

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Get devices to students faster.

My Classes allows teachers to use a webcam to quickly assign devices to their homeroom students, saving tremendous time by assisting IT teams in device deployments. Clearly visible progress indicators make it simple for teachers to ensure that they’re assigning devices properly.

“This year when our elementary school handed out Chromebooks, I barely had to do anything. Our elementary school rollout was able to be done by classroom teachers using My Classes and a 5-minute training video I made.”

Let teachers help with large-scale audits.

Don’t get caught off guard by end of the year audit headaches. My Classes allows teachers to quickly conduct device spot-checks and verify that devices are present and in working order.

Regular homeroom device checks with My Classes help eliminate missing devices at the end of the year.

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 Check out our iiQ Best Practices webinar, which covers My Classes in detail.

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