Mississippi Lunch & Learn Resources

Resources to help before, during, and after the Lunch & Learn event. Thanks again for joining us!

Thank you for registering for the Lunch & Learn at Marion County School District.

We have compiled the following resource page to help navigate the event. On this page, you will find the following:

  • The PowerPoint used on the day of the event
  • An area to submit questions you would like to hear answered while in attendance
  • A Zoom meeting link to follow along with the presenter on your screen
  • Opt-in to continue networking with fellow attendees after the event has finished
  • A link to schedule a meeting with your Sales Account Manager
  • Access to continue the conversation in the iiQ Community

Submit questions

Speaking of important topics, is there something specific you want to see covered on the day of the event? Submit those here! These questions can be anything from a particular question about your district’s site to something as broad as asking how other districts handle a specific situation. We will do our best to cover the topics submitted here.






Follow along using the PowerPoint

We understand everyone learns differently. Here is a copy of the PowerPoint we will cover at the Lunch & Learn. Before downloading the PowerPoint, we wanted to point out that the presentation you see on the event day may differ slightly from what you are downloading here. This online version is our overall presentation, but we have changed the order and hidden some slides depending on the topics registrants submit during registration. As you can see, it is a very long PowerPoint and would be impossible to cover when we are together, so we want to ensure we cover the topics most important to those in attendance.


Follow along on your device

We understand that diving into the product can be challenging to see, depending on where you sit during the presentation. Use this Zoom link to log in and follow along on your device. Please note we will not be enabling sound on the webinar to reduce background noise. This link should not be used to join the event virtually.


Opt-in to additional networking

Do you want to continue the conversation after the event? Now you can! Opt-in to sharing your information with other attendees from the Lunch & Learn. Your information will not be shared with anyone outside of this opt-in list.





Multiple modules, features, and premium apps are discussed during the Lunch & Learn. Was there something specific that piqued your interest and could enhance your district’s site?

Visit the Incident IQ Community

While everything is fresh on your mind, hop into the community to share your experience, ask follow-up questions, post new workflows you learned, and register for our Open Office Hours.

Get Certified with iiQ Academy

Whether you are new to Incident IQ or have been using the platform for years, you can become iiQ Certified! We have enhanced our online learning management system to include more courses and videos to help you better understand the platform. Hop over to see what it’s all about and test your iiQ knowledge.


We hope you can join us for the duration of the event! There is so much information to soak up and learn, taking your district’s site to the next level. If you cannot stay the whole, make sure to catch the sessions that interest you most.

Incident IQ Brochures

Click the image below to download the PDF.