K-12 Help Desk and Asset Management Built For K-12, By K-12

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If you wouldn’t ask Tom Brady to file your 2022 taxes or run your district’s IT department, why go with a low-fit, generic software for your K-12 workflow management needs?

Incident IQ is a workflow management solution developed by K-12, for K-12.

In fact, nearly 20% of our company has worked in K-12, bringing over 130 years of combined, specialized experience. We know first-hand the pain points districts experience and understand why no one working in K-12 has time to lose on low-fit, generic software that requires homegrown solutions.

Why Our Experience in K-12 Matters

Here are just some practical ways that our experience results in a better product for your district:

Integrations: we’re built to work with the software/tech stack that your district depends on, like MDM and SIS. Read more about how MDM and SIS system integrations can improve service management in schools.

Pricing: our modular pricing empowers districts to choose the parts of the Incident IQ platform that fits their needs. Read about how we price our product so districts come out ahead.

Community: when districts choose Incident IQ, they can connect with K-12 IT leaders from around the country in our Community forum. In the forum, we collect feedback on current features and enhancements districts would like us to roll out, adapting our product roadmap to most effectively meet customer needs. Get a peak at our Community Forum to see what you have to look forward to.

Tools built for the unique support needs of K-12: features like Rollout Scout are engineered entirely around the support projects unique to K-12. No other vertical has to check devices in and out to users so frequently (and to kids no less), so the support your district is getting is invaluable.

Do you need more reasons? Click here to learn about additional advantages, such as a seamless user experience, automation and workflow scalability, cross-functional collaboration across departments, real-time reporting and metrics, and other important integrations.

There’s a cost to choosing a specialized platform like Incident IQ, but an even greater cost to staying with the status quo.

You’ve already likely experienced how a lack of interoperability creates a drag on resources in both time and money. The feedback we’ve received from Incident IQ customers is that their investment in the software more than pays for itself in terms of tangible savings, increased efficiency, and improved IT operations.

But if you’re still not convinced to move your district to Incident IQ, read what thousands of customers across the U.S. have said about their investment in Incident IQ.

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