Incident IQ Integrations

Do more with district data.

Incident IQ Integrations connect district data and systems to the Incident IQ platform. Integrations provide rich asset information, data-rich help tickets, and easy access to Incident IQ.

Asset Management & MDM Integrations

Integrate asset data for greater device support.

By integrating district asset management data into Incident IQ, teachers and students can quickly submit data-rich help requests to support staff. Devices are associated with user accounts, and detailed histories of every asset are maintained.

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Single Sign-On Integrations

Provide easy access with single sign-on.

Incident IQ integrates with leading SSO providers, allowing easy access to the Incident IQ platform. One-click logins—no extra passwords to remember. Districts can customize their Incident IQ login page, tailoring the look, feel, and login options that suit their needs.

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Student Information Systems Integrations

Receive data-rich help requests with SIS integrations.

Through integrating district SIS information into the Incident IQ platform, valuable data is brought front and center throughout the support process. Roster and schedule data is brought into the ticket submission process, streamlining requests and saving time for teachers and support teams.

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Remote Assistance Integrations

Launch a remote desktop session right from a help ticket.

Incident IQ integrates with leading remote assistance solutions. These integrations make it simple to begin a secure remote desktop session, right within a help request.

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