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We meet you where you are: everywhere. Incident IQ Mobile gives you access to K-12 help ticketing and asset management from anywhere in your district.

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Incident IQ Mobile — K-12 Help Ticketing and Asset Management for iOS and Android

Access your work anywhere

Open tickets, work tickets, manage your workload and keep tabs on issues throughout your district—all from the palm of your hand. Incident IQ Mobile is a powerful extension of the desktop platform that enables you to advance your work across an entire district.

Help Ticketing and Asset Management on the go

Collect & distribute devices instantly

All it takes is a quick barcode scan and you can deploy or collect student devices instantly with Incident IQ Mobile. Don’t worry about typing in asset tags or looking for a scanner, use the camera on your mobile device to get the job done quickly.

Stay on top of your work

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Open a ticket

In less than one minute, teachers or support team members can enter a help ticket using Incident IQ Mobile. Incident IQ’s Ticket Wizard functionality is just as intuitive on mobile as it is on desktop, allowing for rich tickets to be submitted with a few simple prompts.

Incident IQ Mobile Custom Views

View tickets your way

Custom views enables you to display a personal collection of filters for one-click access to tickets by location, issue type, time unresolved, and more. Use custom views to drive your daily workflow or review monthly trends—all from the palm of your hand through Incident IQ Mobile.

Incident IQ Mobile synchronized to-do lists

Synchronized task lists

Out and about? Jot down your priorities, and leverage that same to-do list whether on the go or at your desk.

Knock it out

Work tickets and resolve issues with Incident IQ Mobile. Incident IQ Mobile equips you
with the essential tools necessary to support your district’s educational technology, anywhere.

Incident IQ Mobile Comments

Keep in touch

All from your device, communicate directly with teachers and fellow team members, or leave notes to give other team members the information they need to take a ticket to the finish line. Comment on tickets, assign tasks, and coordinate actions while you’re on the go.

Incident IQ Mobile — Track your work

Log your work

Track the steps taken towards solving a problem, and length of time to close a ticket. Resolution actions prompt steps toward a solution, and allow IT teams to keep an eye on the effort required to tackle each issue type.

Incident IQ Mobile — Knowledge Base

Access tips & tricks

Knowledge Base articles are tied to tickets based on issue and device type. Access these in the field to guide you through resolution, or simply serve as a quick-reference reminder of your own best practices.

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