Ticketing tools for teachers, support teams, and administrators

Submit help tickets in seconds

The intuitive interface of iiQ Ticketing allows teachers to submit a request quickly, so they can get back to teaching and learning.

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Receive data-rich help requests

Provide IT teams with information-rich tickets by default. No more hunting for info — iiQ Ticketing automatically populates requests with relevant data.

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Integrated asset data provides insights

The analytics in iiQ Ticketing provide leaders with deep insights into the performance of hardware and team members.

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Why districts need a help desk built for schools

One-size fits all solutions are a forced fit for K-12 school districts

The K-12 technology challenge is unique. Enterprise help desks try to be everything for everyone — requiring enormous amounts of setup and customization to achieve desired results. The lack of focus on K-12 means that integrated district data like SIS, SSO, and asset data don’t make it into your workflow. These products are often priced for Fortune 500 companies, not K-12 districts.

Other K-12 solutions aren’t built for today’s classrooms

Other K-12 help desks were built in the days of stationary computer labs and bulky textbooks. Today’s 1:1 and blended learning initiatives present districts with a much more challenging task — supporting large deployments of devices that are constantly on the move. Legacy help desks simply aren’t built to support modern-day classrooms.


Philip D. Lacey, EdD
Director of Instructional
Technology Services

Niles Township High School District 219, Illinois

“The fact that Incident IQ was designed from top to bottom for a school means that we haven’t had to force-fit this solution. It’s intuitive, and users are able to navigate the system on their own with very little training.”

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