Auditing is important, but it doesn’t have to be a chore

K-12 IT teams are responsible for more assets than ever before. To make things more challenging, devices are increasingly on-the-go — from the classroom to the school bus and beyond. Avoid year-end inventory surprises that wreck budgets and disrupt learning by being proactive about device audits. Smart Audits delivers optimized audit scheduling, zero-touch automatic audits for student and teacher devices, and on-demand tools that make physical inventories easier than ever.

Create and manage tailored audit policies

Using Smart Audits, administrators can create multiple audit policies based on hardware type, location, funding source, and more. Set frequent audits for hardware that’s on the go, and periodic audits for fixed assets.

Perform physical audits with ease using a mobile device or barcode scanner

Everything you need to conduct a physical audit is already at your fingertips. Incident IQ Mobile uses the camera on your mobile device or a USB-connected barcode scanner to scan asset tags and verify devices.

Conduct audits without touching a device

With Automatic Verifications, devices are successfully audited when the assigned user logs into their device. Devices that have not been verified are flagged for manual follow-up.


Rod Smith, M.Ed.
Chief Technology Officer
Clayton County Schools, Georgia

“There’s always the concern that if periodic device checks aren’t performed throughout the year, you won’t get 100% of your devices back when end-of-year collection comes. Incident IQ allows us to quickly check that a student device has been used within the last 30 days, and by whom. This avoids end of the year surprises.”

Distribute the auditing workload

Conducting a classroom audit is as simple as taking attendance. Empower teachers to audit student devices with the My Classes feature. Teachers can use a connected webcam or scanner to verify their student’s devices.

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