Achieve total visibility over your device inventory

Use filters and views to sort and display assets by dozens of different data points. With iiQ Assets, K-12 IT teams are empowered with an unprecedented level of visibility over the assets in their district.

Track the lifecycle of devices

iiQ Assets keeps a detailed record of changes made to district devices. Automatically track changes made to ownership, location, hardware internals, and other crucial asset data.

Integrate with leading MDM platforms

Reduce the need for shared logins into sensitive systems by bringing data from your district’s MDM platforms right into iiQ Assets. Track device usage and recent logins. 

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Batch actions help you get more done with less clicks

Eliminate redudant efforts—bulk un-assign, print asset labels, link devices, change location data, and more. Enjoy better inventory records with less effort.

Instant access with the scan of an asset tag

Rapid Scan displays asset information and quick actions when an asset tag is scanned. Rapid Scan works anywhere in iiQ Assets — just scan a tag and take action.

Manage assets on the go with Incident IQ Mobile

Use the camera on your mobile device to quickly scan asset tags and student IDs. A quick scan brings up a menu of asset actions, providing users with powerful asset management controls in the palm of their hand.

Other powerful inventory management features:

Asset analytics at-a-glance

Stay on top of the day-to-day with the iiQ Assets Dashboard.

Group assets for better organization

Associate assets by location or by function. Great for organizing assets by funding source or grouping student devices.

Get up and running quickly with asset imports

Easily import and map district device data into iiQ Assets.

Link assets for simple management

Connect related assets together to easily manage devices with multiple parts or accessories.

Detailed Permission Controls

Customize view and edit permissions for individual agents, or by role.

Integrated asset tag printing

Print asset tags in seconds. Print individually, or select a group of assets to print in bulk.

Superior auditing with iiQ Assets

See how iiQ Assets prevents year-end surprises by empowering teams to monitor devices throughout the year.

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